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Knitted Knockers are either knit or crochet by volunteers from the yarn and filling provided in the Knitted Knockers South Africa kits. They are gifted, FREE of charge to mastectomy/lumpectomy patients and to women who are awaiting implants, have had their implants removed or are undergoing radiation treatment.

We are a community-based organization and in order to keep costs down we try as far as possible to connect our recipients to volunteer knitters that are local to them. With that in mind, please contact the distributor closest to you first. If they are unable to help you, please email us at and we will help you find an alternative. Please complete the Knitted Knockers Request Form

What information you will need to provide

In order to provide you with Knockers, we will need the following information from you:
  • your bra size – both the chest measurement (band size) eg: 36 and the cup size eg. C  = 36 C
  • your colour preference, every effort will be made to supply your preferred colour, but it may not always be possible.
  • your contact details – phone number and email address
  • Did you have a single or bilateral mastectomy? If you had a single mastectomy, we would supply you with a pair of Knockers so that you can have one to wear while the other is in the wash. If you had a double mastectomy, we would supply 2 pairs of Knockers.
  • If you can’t collect, we will need your delivery address.

Although Knockers are gifted, if delivery is required, you will be asked to cover the courier costs. We would also appreciate it very much if you would donate a kit or two for our volunteers to make up.

Knitted Knockers Request Form

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