Knitted Knockers


Making Knockers

Each kit has 50g of the approved pure cotton yarn, 50g of pure merino wool for stuffing, a pattern and a size chart with washing instructions. Knit kits have DK weight yarn and Crochet kits have 4 ply weight yarn.

3.75mm knitting needles, 4mm crochet hook

No, the fabric needs to be firm so that the stuffing doesn’t show.

It is possible to knit the 4-ply yarn. You will need to work more rows than with DK to get the required size. We recommend that you use  3.25mm knitting needles.

Unfortunately, crocheting the split stitch with DK yarn is more difficult and gives a “chunky” fabric that is not very comfortable to wear. Rather change the kit for a crochet kit.

We did a lot of research and testing before settling on the patterns we use. The shape, the buttonhole, the smooth, soft surface and especially the concave back all were given special mention for comfort by the women who tested the different Knockers. Our pattern is available FREE in every kit.

NO. Not all yarn is created equal. For safety’s sake and because Knockers are worn against sensitive skin and scars; the yarn used to knit / crochet Knockers must not contain any heavy metals or toxins that can react when the wearer undergoes certain chemo therapies and radiation treatments. The yarn in our kits has been tested and approved. Stash yarn makes great chemo blankets. 

It is impossible to see if the yarn is free of the toxins or heavy metals mentioned above, therefore it can’t be guaranteed to be safe. Please use a kit to make Knockers. Use other 100% cotton yarn to make chemo caps. (see our free patterns)

Each kit has 50g of yarn and 50g of stuffing. Once completed, each Knocker should be weighed and then filled with an equal amount of stuffing. It may look like too little, but it allows for the concave back. If you don’t have enough stuffing, it is likely you overstuffed another Knocker. Extra stuffing is available to purchase.

Although we have requests for all the sizes, we most frequently are asked for Knitted Knocker Sizes D – G. (see the size list)

The back of the Knocker will push into the front so that it has a concave back. Before the back is pushed in, it will look like a rugby ball.

Knockers can be gifted to individuals or to a distribution point. (see the list)

Wearing Knockers

No, Knitted Knockers are designed to be worn in an ordinary bra.

Everyone is different. Your doctor will give you your best answer. We know ladies who wore them home from hospital and others who were advised to wait about 6 weeks.

We recommend a small bag of seed beads. Push the bag into the Knocker through the buttonhole and adjust it to be at the bottom. The weight can be adjusted by adding or removing beads, until you feel comfortable.

Yes, choose your size and just remove some stuffing. Adjust the stuffing until it is comfortable and fits into your bra.

Yes, choose your size Knocker and remove some stuffing as needed, until you no longer require the Knocker.

Yes, so long as you are sure that you have genuine Knitted Knockers, made from the approved Knitted Knockers South Africa kit.

That depends on how you care for them, usually 2 to 3 years, sometimes longer.

We don’t recommend adding extra stuffing, especially if your skin and scars are still sensitive. However, if you had your mastectomy a couple of years ago and your skin and scars are no longer sensitive, you can add extra stuffing through the buttonhole. Extra stuffing is available to purchase.

This can happen with the frequent removal and reinserting the stuffing. You can work some running stitches around the buttonhole with some sewing thread and tighten it up.

Yes, but we recommend that you replace the stuffing with polyester fill for swimming.

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