Knitted Knockers


Knitted Knockers South Africa

Knitted Knockers should only ever be made using the approved knit/crochet pattern, pure cotton yarn and merino fill supplied in the official Knitted Knockers South Africa kits.

Using other yarns (even 100% cottons) and patterns could put the comfort, health, and wellbeing of mastectomy patients at risk.

We urge all mastectomy patients and knitting /crochet volunteers to be alert and only use and/or promote the use of kits, and Knockers made from kits, that have the Knitted Knockers, CANSA and ColourSpun logos and the approved Knitted Knockers South Africa Pattern.

Knitted Knockers South Africa, and our approved distributors/ agents indemnify ourselves against legal recourse should any person/s suffer irritation and/ or infection or any other negative effects caused by unapproved materials.

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