Knitted Knockers

Caring for

your Knockers

Washing Instructions

Caring for your Knockers when washing is easy.

To wash the Knocker – Remove the filling, via the buttonhole on the edge of the Knocker. Place the prosthesis in a lingerie bag or pillow slip and wash on a gentle cycle, or hand wash in warm water.

Only use a mild detergent or pure soap. A little vinegar in your final rinse water will help keep your knockers soft.

Dry flat, out of direct sunlight and ease into shape if necessary.

To wash the filling – place it in a lingerie bag and gently hand wash. Dry flat, in the shade in a net bag, to prevent it from blowing away. If dried loose (not in a bag) dry indoors.

  • • Do not tumble dry
  •   • Do not use bleach
  •   •  Do not iron

Fluff the filling up by gently pulling it apart (see tutorial here) before re inserting it through the buttonhole on the edge of the Knocker.

100% Merino wool filling breathes and so is comfortable to wear but should be replaced with polyester stuffing if the prosthesis is going to be worn when swimming.

Storage Instructions
Knitted Knockers should be stored with a lavender bag, cedar blocks or a small cake of hand soap, in order to deter any pests.

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