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Knitted Knockers are hand knit or crochet breast prostheses for women who have undergone mastectomies or similar breast procedures. Soft and light, they are very comfortable to wear and can be placed in any regular bra. The knitted fabric breathes and prevents heat rash & discomfort.

Knitted Knockers are made by volunteer knitters and gifted to breast cancer survivors. We offer knit and crochet kits in either English or Afrikaans and in a range of 10 colours from light to dark.

Knitted Knocker Kits have everything you need to make safe and comfortable to wear Knitted Knockers.

A Knitted Knocker is a 100% cotton knitted/crochet prosthesis for breast cancer survivors who have had a mastectomy. We offer them FREE, as an alternative product to the silicon prosthesis. Knitted Knockers SA researched all the different groups around the world and their patterns and decided that the Australian knitting pattern would work best in South Africa since our conditions are so similar.

Julie Weaver, who designed the knitted prosthesis to suit Australian women, especially those who are well endowed, kindly agreed to let Knitted Knockers SA use the pattern she designed which has a size range from A to G cup, we have added the larger sizes. Her pattern also has a built in “buttonhole” so that the filling can be removed for washing or changing.


Knitted Knockers should only be knit/crocheted from the softest, pure, natural cotton that has been dyed without the use of harsh chemicals because other fibres can irritate the sensitive skin and scars.  100% merino wool filling breathes and so is comfortable to wear in any weather.

It has been found that most crochet unfortunately causes irritation as the crochet fabric is not smooth enough. With this in mind, Stephanie Davies has designed a crochet knocker pattern that has no ridges, making it smooth and comfortable to wear, and we now have crochet kits available too.

Once you have knit/crocheted the knockers, please label each one giving your name and the size you have made. There is also some space on the label in case you would like to send the recipient a personal message.

Please  email or contact us on 083 268 5856  for an up to date list of where to send the Knitted Knockers you have made. You can also hand them in at your local CANSA office.

Skill level:

Determined Beginner



Care/Cleaning/Storage Instructions:

Hand wash in cool water or machine wash using the wool or delicate cycle Do not use bleach. Dry items flat, out of direct sunlight and ease into shape if necessary.  Store with a little scented soap or camphor wood blocks.


  • Knitted Knocker Kits contain 50g ColourSpun Pure Cotton DK yarn, 50g Pure Merino fill plus instructions and label.
  • Crochet Knocker Kits contain 50g ColourSpun Pure Cotton Sock yarn, 50g Pure Merino fill plus instructions and label.

Not included:

Not included:  3.75 knitting needles or 4mm crochet hook


We hand-dye, air-dry and handball all the yarn for the Knitted Knockers Kits. Please allow two weeks for production before shipping – the quality is worth the wait.

Please note: we hand dye each ball of yarn, so your item may differ slightly from the image.

This is an official yarn kit for Knitted Knockers South Africa. 

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

Crochet, Knit

Pattern Language

English, Afrikaans

Colour - Knitted Knockers

1. Knocker Colour 001, 10. Knocker Colour 010, 2. Knocker Colour 002, 3. Knocker Colour 003, 4. Knocker Colour 004, 5. Knocker Colour 005, 6. Knocker Colour 006, 7. Knocker Colour 007, 8. Knocker Colour 008, 9. Knocker Colour 009


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